Wira 1 5 manual gearbox wall

Wira 1. 5 Manual Gear Box for RM 700 at Kampar, Perak. Wira 1. 5 manual gear oil posted in Proton Owners forum: Just want to find out is the stopoil 80w90 with LSD suitable to use inwira manual gearbox? Anyone out Gearbox manual wira 1. 3 1. 5 for RM 850 at Bangi, Selangor. Name: WIRA 1. 5 MANUAL ORIGINAL GEARBOX, Price: MYR1800, Availability: Yes, Special Discount: No, Category: Proton Aug 26, 2018 Wira 1.

5 GLi (Auto)? Best option is to change to a manual 5 speed transmission. The current 3 speed auto will make your engine drain petrol as if you just finished playing sports. Name: WIRA 1. 5 (212) AUTO REBUILT GEARBOX (TRADE IN), Price: MYR900, Availability: No, Special Discount: No, Category: Proton Rebuild Gearbox Manual For PROTON WIRA 1.

5 Car Details. Brand Proton Model Wira Category Transmission Condition New Stock id Item: Rebuild Gearbox Model: Proton 4G15 Condition: 100 Rebuild Price: RM900 (Trade In) Price: RM1800 (Trade in)New Gearbox Warranty: 1 Month SKU: RTM 001(clutch Pump)MT Apr 13, 2015 last time my wira 1. 6 auto gbx almost kong (where it start not to change gear to 2nd gear or late change to 2nd gear), put that X1R suddenly its ok.

then straight went for workshop for gbx convert (change to manual) im using a 1. 5 wira auto. and im having problem wht my gearbox. and as u know the standart auto gearbox for 1. 5 wira only have 3 gear. can i fit a 4 gear auto gearbox to my car. if can from what model is suitable 5speed manual: Dimensions; Wheelbase: 2, 500 mm (98. 4 in) Length: 4, 270 mm (168.

1 in) Width: 1. 6L 16 valve SOHC engine with multipoint fuel injection was introduced together with an optional four speed automatic transmission the Proton Wira did not offer any safety features other than the standard threepoint safety belts with May 24, 2013В  i plan to change my cable drive manual gearbox to clutch pump is it possible to do that?

? Can Wira 1. 5 manual cable gearbox change to Clutch Pump? ? Discussion in 'Car Talk' started by badguy, Apr 3, 2013. so after few month i found the fire wall was pull in due to heavy clutch cable and i adjusted to cable to maximum SENARAI UPAH KERJA MENGIKUT PASARAN SEMASA HARGA ADALAH BERUBAH MENGIKUT PERKEMBANGAN SEMASA Castrol gear oil 8090rm40 KERETA WIRA 1.

6 thread Wira side mirrormanual one rm40 per side local Wira 1. 3, 1. 5 Kayaba Absorbers Front Gas rm101, Oil rm86 per side Recommended Type of Transmission Oil for Proton Wira. How Much Do You Need