Jobo c6600 enlarger manually

Dec 09, 2007 These will be listed for constant exposure times and also for variable time ( according to grade ). These filter values will possibly be listed for Kodak, Agfa and Durst CC units as to which will work best with a Jobo enlarger, I don't know as I use a Durst.

Jobo C6600 Darkroom Enlarger. 180. 00. Buy it now. 20. 00 P& P. This enlarger has been boxed and in storage for a long time, Original enlarger manual included. Fortunately, I knew someone who was giving away his Jobo C6600 colour enlarger, but if you are unable to persuade a friend to donate theirs, Secondhand Darkroom Supplies and Nova Darkroom both sell reasonably priced used enlargers. ePHOTOzine has partnered up with OldTimerCameras.

com to bring you a selection of Jobo C 6600 instruction manuals and related photographic literature for almost every Jobo C 6600 camera and accessory ever made. If you've lost your Jobo C 6600 camera manual (also known as an instruction manual, instruction book or user guide) you'll find it here. for sale on preloved 1 x jobo c6600 professional colour enlarger (dial in) baseboard 18 x 21 1 x jobo enlarger A Jobo C6600 photographic enlarger and a box of cameras, other photographic equipment and two cased pairs of binoculars (2) Auction Details Although this instruction book is specifically for the JOBO ColorLine 5100, You must transfer the time to the enlarger's timer manually.

All other functions Shop eBay for great deals on JOBO Darkroom Photo and. You'll find new or used products in JOBO Darkroom Photo Jobo C6600 Colour Enlarger With Vivitar VHE 50MM Jul 09, 2018 Jobo C6600 enlarger rebadged from another manufacturer? Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by philpem, Jul 8, 2018. Jobo C6600 Colour Enlarger with Vivitar VHE 50MM Lens. Supplied with a Vivitar VHE 50MM lens. No other accessories, leads etc included.

This item may require adaptors to make it function outside of the UK (not supplied). Oct 20, 2005 If you want just a Mono enlarger (with a condenser head) see if you can find a Vivitar VI or a Devere 504. A quick google should give you plenty of info about both they are both huge. Very substantial build with wall brackets etc as options. This is the condenser lamphouse fitted to LPL, SaundersLPL, and OmegaLPL 6600 enlargers. If you need to replace a damaged or missing lamphouse, or simply wish to switch to condenser from a As with our 7700 series, you can choose between three different light sources Dichroic colour, VCCE, and Double Condenser allowing you to select the enlarger that best meets your requirements.

The 6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE Variable Contrast enlargers handle film formats up to 6x7cm, and the 6600 Double Condenser enlarger up to 6x6cm.