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Titles: Lockheed C130 Hercules No's 1 to 5 The Lockheed C130 Hercules first flew in August 1954, and has been in continuous production since then, the longest continuous military aircraft production run at over 60 years. It was originally designed for troop, medevac and cargo operations, capable of operations from unprepared airstrips, but Tweet Download PDF See full screen Report a web site issue Report a copyright issue Download PDF Tweet NATOPS GENERAL FLIGHT AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 01 MARCH 2004 OPNAVINST 3710.

7T The following Interim Changes have been cancelled or previously incorporated into this manual. INTERIM CHANGE NUMBER(S) REMARKSPURPOSE NATOPS General Flight and Operating Instructions C130T Performance data. When does the NATOPS flight manual recommend a new power setting should be established? And, for constant altitude operation do you increase or decrease the new power setting?

Each 5000 lb fuel burnoff. Decrease C130T Systems. Information collected from the NATOPS and Lockheed manuals. STUDY. PLAY. What 2 purposes does the Air Start function have? 1. Windmill start a Feathered prop in flight. 2. Change blade angle on ground to varify blade anglethrottle position alignment. NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL C130T AIRCRAFT953 pagesDistribution Statement CNovember 15, MB U. S. Navy NATOPS C130T Flight Manual from November 15, 2006.

Search for: The Navys C130T Hercules aircraft provides rapid logistic support to Navy operating forces and transportation of personnel or cargo.

The U. S. Marine Corps KC130T is a multirole, multimission tactical tankertransport aircraft, which provides airtoair refueling as well as rapid ground refueling and tactical transportation and delivery NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model C130T Aircraft Ebook download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read book online.