Grease interceptor installation manual

Installation Guide: Grease Traps Grease Interceptors. Hours 94 EST. Email: [email protected] net. Install interceptor sitting on floor, partially recessed or flushtofloor, making sure there is enough room to Maintenance Instructions for Poly Trap 1.

Proper installation of a grease interceptor is critical to its efficient operation. Even the best designed grease interceptor will not operate efficiently if installed incorrectly. All installation recommendations are subject to the approval of the local INSTALLATION MANUAL Trap Dist. Co. and must expressly so state in clear and unambiguous terms that it is an extension or modification of the limited warranty.

All claims and claimants must be able to prove the date of purchase or the date of installation and Grease Interceptors must have a vented waste, sized in accordance with local code requirements for venting interceptors to retain a water seal and prevent siphoning. Interceptor installation instructions. page 3 of 6 LEAKSEAL TESTING Capplug all base unit plumbing connections and remove covers.

For base GENERAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Schier grease interceptors are manufactured with an internal ow control system. They do not require an external ow control system or air intake Recommended for use when Great Basin grease interceptors are not allowed by local jurisdiction.

Clamping Collars; Fittings; Specifications, submittals and installation instructions for all our products in one convenient location. Information for all our products in a downloadable Microsoft Excel file. Schiers legacy product categories Manual Grease Interceptors are designed to intercept and collect large quantities of sewer clogging fats, oil and grease (FOG) and solid food waste discharged from food service facilities and kitchens.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals and Instructions Trapzilla Grease Interceptor Manual (TZ600, TZ400, and TZ160 Models) Trapzlla TZ1826 Grease Interceptor Manual xuq, qgxvwulhv& 6shflilfdwlrq 'udlqdjh 2shudwlrq 3lwwvexujk yhqxh (ulh 3 8 6 3k )d[, q& dqdgd xuq, qgxvwulhv lplwhg MANUAL DE INSTALACIN DE USO Y CUIDADO DEL INTERCEPTOR DE GRASA GREASE INTERCEPTOR INSTALLATION USE& CARE MANUAL WARNING! AVERTISSEMENT! DO NOT PRESSURE TEST. RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY.

As a plumbing appurtenance your Endura grease interceptor MUST be isolated MANUAL INTERCEPTOR Installation and Operating Instructions Page 3 1. 0 General Description Grease interceptors serve the purpose of separating grease from water so that All grease interceptors must be cleaned regularly. The frequency of grease removal is dependent upon the capacity of the interceptor and the quantity of grease in waste water.