Spirent test center manual

Jul 18, 2011 Demonstrates how to run a Spirent TestCenter Conformance Test. Also how to view and save Spirent test center manual results. Enjoy! Larry Veilleux SPT2000A, SPT5000A AND SPT9000A CHASSIS equipment manufacturers can test devices in the lab and bring Spirent TestCenter to a customer site to prove their devices performance capabilities.

Service providers Mar 09, 2010 Describes how to open the Spirent TestCenter L23 Application and Connect to a Spirent TestCenter chassis Spirent TestCenter PACKET GENERATOR AND ANALYZER BASE PACKAGE BENEFITS Reduce time to test: Using BPK1001A, testers can dramatically decrease the time required to test their network devices and The Spirent SPT9000A is an ultra highdensity chassis that offers optional redundant power, an easy to read LCD and easy to service hardware. It is suitable for the lab or production test environment.

Service providers, NEMs and enterprises use Spirent TestCenter to test, measure and validate their networks and deploy services with confidence. Spirent Test Center Automation Prog Guide. Provides information about using Spirent TestCenter Automation to test PPPoE.

This manual is intended for users who wish to use the Spirent TestCenter Automation API to perform tests using the features of one of the Spirent TestCenter Automation packages (such as the Multicast base Testers can spend up to half of their time configuring manual test cases.

Often this is the largest effort in the testing in particular the name Spirent and its logo device, are either registered trademarks or trademarks pending registration in accordance BPK1001A supports all Spirent TestCenter test modules and Spirent TestCenter Intro Data Plane based on P4.

10. training or documentation material. The intention is to review basic features of the Spirent TestCenter after a Spirent Systems Engineer has Select the ports you want to reserve for your test. You can select all ports of a chassis at a Spirent TestCenter Test Automation Spirent Communications Agoura Road Calabasas, CA USA Email: productinfo not mean you are limited to simplistic test designs. Spirent TestCenter supports a high level of granularity for repeatable tests as it minimizes manual configuration errors.

Applications Spirent TestCenter EVPN and PBBEVPN AppNote Application Note an overview on the EVPN technology and details out step by step instructions to test different EVPN use cases using Spirent Test Center Overview of EVPN Ethernet VPN (EVPN) is next generation Ethernet L2VPN solution that uses BGP for MAC address learning over the Product Alert: Spirent TestCenter Software Release 4.

57 and Above The manual upgradedowngrade process is described in the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB) articles below. To access the Knowledge Base you need to log into the Spirent Customer Service Center at www. spirentcom. com. For chassis control modules please read KB