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Jul 18, 2004 The only manual Auto Zone had in stock for my van was the Haynes Repair Repair Manuals: Haynes vs Clymer vs Chilton MotorsForum M New Post (No Account Needed) Chilton vs Haynes is the great debate between car mechanics and enthusiasts.

Can't decide on which one to get? This article will show you key differences and similarities between the two most famous car repair manuals. Nov 12, 2010 Haynes and Chilton are the two brands that usually spring to mind when you talk about auto repair manuals. Without a doubt, these auto repair manuals have been the two leading and most trusted names in the automotive repair industry for a long time now.

Mar 14, 2004 Which one is better? I need to pick a manual up for my Nissan Stanza that my uncle gave me May 30, 2015В  HaynesShitons SHOULD NOT be used in place of a factory manual.

Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Haynes vs. Chilton Repair Manuals HOW TO READ CAR REPAIR MANUAL! (HAYNES, CHILTON, Haynes repair manual vs chiltons. You wont find that in Chilton or haynes, and I feel good about having a greater percent of old trans fluid out. Other help on thermostat, 2 or 3 experiences and options etc. I cannot buy one for my car, and Ive noticed that these manuals are not being printed for many of the new vehicles Jan 16, 2014В  Haynes vs.

Chilton Repair Manuals Haynes books are written by documenting a complete tear down and rebuild of the car. The newer Chilton manuals are just not as good with photos or descriptions but IMHO, if Haynes got a A, Chilton gets about a Factory manuals are pricey compared to the Haynes and Chilton.

Personally, I detest the Haynes manual. I get the strong impression that it's a British book because a lot of the terminology they use, along with the vehicles they use don't 'look' american. If you've spent time working on your own car or WANT to start working on your own car, you probably want to use the best repair manual out there. The Chilton vs Haynes debate has been going on forever. Here's who we think is the best option