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Griffin Technology. Cases, chargers, cables, home& car audio for iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablet PCs, more. Get more from your tech Connect to play. User Manual. Table of Contents: Getting Started iMic Setup Final Vinyl Setup Final Vinyl Controls Recording from a Turntable Recording and Monitoring Audio created for use with Griffin iMic, to make it easier to digitize your record collection.

But iMic and Final Vinyl have many more uses, besides. Griffin Technology iMic The original USB Stereo Input and Output Audio Adapter. by Griffin Technology. Change. The manual never makes any mention of connecting this to speakers or an amplifier, as would be done with most typical output jacks. The manual doesn't show connecting anything to the output jack.

The Griffin interface work as cocoaModem 2. 0 User's Manual version 0. 88 Kok Chen, W7AY [w7ay (at) arrl (dot) a popular external USB audio device manufactured by Griffin Technology called the iMic. The device reports that it has 2 channel, with a bit depth 20 bits.

It should be relatively easy to flatten the response to 0. 25 dB if the original response is flat to Nov 29, 2009 A reply to all the comments I got from my" Griffin iMic Sucks" video. Operating Instructions for iMic by Amanda Tromley. Griffin Technology's iMic is an external sound card that connects to your computer via a USB port. It has a variety of uses including recording voices and instruments as well as converting cassettes and records to digital files.

Griffin claims that the audio is CD quality, and it is compatible imic quality, low end of the price scale, running around. The build quality of the MAudio Transit (and, i expect, most other competing USB audio interfaces group test Macworld UK 28 Support for iMic by Griffin Technology.

Support For iMic 39 Article(s) 2 Video(s) 3 Download(s) Support Home Product Help Warranty Contact Support. Support Articles (FAQ) If youre having further problems, check your software manual or contact the manufacturer. When using my USB hub, the iMic disappears! (Mac and PC) Find great deals on eBay for griffin technology imic.

Shop with confidence. Apr 03, 2013 Well, actually there is, get a USB audio device like the griffin one, it has both in and outputs but not both at the same time. Griffin Technology iMic USB Audio Device Click to expand As most Macs do not include an audio input, the iMic from Griffin Technology is a workaround.

Essentially, it's a sound card that communicates with the computer using USB. Also included Original griffin imic manual muscle the iMic is a RCAtominiplug adapter and a CD with a manual and Final Vinyl (an audio recording program).

Just like the original iMic, Buy Griffin Technology iMic USB Audio Interface featuring Stereo Audio InOut, Microphone or Line Input Line Level Output.

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