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Rolls MX41b Music Mixer User Manual. PAN L 0 R 10 LEVEL PAN L 0 R 10 LEVEL PAN L 0 R PAN 10 LEVEL 0 10 LEVEL MX442 L SLATE POWER 400 Hz TONE OWNERS MANUAL Thank you for your purchase of the Rolls MX442 Field Mixer.

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Rolls MX41b passive stereo mixer Each channel has a stereo 14" and a stereo 18" input. Output has option of stereo 14" or stereo 18" output. 100K stereo slider pots on each channel. Unit can be used as a passive 4 Rollup weight (this is a 2cm dia stick with a strong string tied to it, and you attach at 1 kilo weight to it, and holding the stick in front of you, roll up the weight as quickly as you can with your fingers not so much the palms of your hand). read and download manual dexterity test rolls royce free ebooks in pdf format manual dexterity bachelors puzzle mills boon m b bruce lee the celebrated life of the golden dragon bruce lee library wristwatch annual 2016 the catalog of producers prices models and specifications the portrait of a lady Rolls mx41b manual dexterity classics Find great deals on eBay for rolls mx41b.

Shop with confidence. The Rolls MX41B is a compact utility mixer used to expand inputs on a console, mix CD players, consumer audio gear, computers, etc.

This simple, compact mixer features four 14" phone and 18" mini inputs with level fader controls. The rear features stereo 14" outputs for feeding an amplifier, additional mixer, etc.

The MX51s Mini Mix 2 is small fourchannel mixer with individual volume controls, and a headphone line output. The unit has one XLR input along with an 18 input and 3 sets of stereo RCA inputs.

Rolls Mixers The MX41b is a stereo four channel passive mixer for expanding a console mixer, mixing instruments, CD players, cassette players, computers etc.

It requires no batteries or other power source.