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Pipe Band Association Drum Major Manual Published April 2008. 2. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association FOREWORD The RSPBA Music Board, responsible to the National Council, has a duty to ensure that standards of Piping, Drumming and Drum Majoring are not only maintained but, where The Duncan McCall Pipe Band is a Grade 5 competition and concert pipe band under the direction of Pipe Major Steven Bicknell and Drum Sergeant Michael Paige.

Drumming The drums in a Highland band make the music come alive. The Drum Major must indicate on two consecutive left steps the following orders (one on each left step): Bands Halt!. The bands will do a right step, a left step and stop marching on the following right For the bands we also offer, Band Drill for the new band member to the Pipe Major.

This will cover all marching and deportment, foot drill, band formations, words of command and to follow the Drum Majors mace, with dress lesson to ensure your band looks smart. On Parade: Drum Major Edgar T. MacIntyre. I was recently asked to review an excellent publication, On Parade: A Manual for Drum Majors Modified British Style for Highland Scottish Pipe Bands and Other Marching Bands by Drum Major Edgar T.

MacIntyre. The bound book measures 9 x 6 inches 238 pages. Tajeme sgt. Robinson DRUM MAJOR MANUAL The History of the Drum Major Drum Major is a historical title going back many hundreds of years. It was a position of considerable importance, unlike the title holders of today who are acting out an individual role as part of a band formation although generally doing a good job.

bagpipe kilt sporrans pipe band dress vellum head Glengarry balmorals cap doublet highland scottish major mace utility piper drummer belt pin badges chanter cord Welcome to Greenland Pipe Co: Prince Charlie Jacket& Coats, Piper and Drummer Doublets, Drum Major Maces, Gauntlets, Sash, Irish Bodhrans, Vellum Drum Heads made of Goat and Welcome to the Western United States Pipe Band Association's Drum Major's Resource website.

This site provides information relating to the pipe band drum major, " Scottish" drum major, and drum major contests within WUSPBA. Welcome to The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, the heart and home of Pipe Bands world wide. The RSPBA is the recognised Centre of Excellence for the promotion and development of Pipe Band Music internationally. Drum Major William Jordan is the Drum Major of Scottish Power Pipe band.

One of the most experienced Drum majors in the world today, Billy Started with Dumbarton& GLEN ERIN PIPE BAND MANUAL FOR DRILL AND PARADE TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. DRILL AT THE HALT A. Position of Attention B. Positions of Rest C. Facing at the Halt (Drum Major or Pipe Major). a. At the halt, the person in command will order the group to attention before saluting. drum major instructors Home Contests Start a Contest Instructors Uniform Rules Judges Links The pipe band drum major instructors listed all live within the WUSPBA region.