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Aug 18, 2004В  Page 2 of 3 Tak FS102NSV vs Tak FSQ106N posted in Refractors: To me, halfmeters comment does NOT at all sound like My scope is better than yours! But as you, Stefan, bring in the issue of additional lenses in the ExtenderQ I want to add: The ExtenderQ does indeed increase the visual and photographic quality of the FSQ! ! As it says in the manual: An additional advantage of Tele Vue NP101 Review.

I have an old 1960s book about Mars with wonderful illustrations by Chesley Bonestell, my favourite space artist. Unfortunately, it also has comedic text that makes the 1960s sound more like the 1860s. The other main competitor Petzval the Takahashi FSQ106 may be a slightly better dedicated imaging scope, but Tak FSQ106 Vs. Televue 101, Apo refractors. Quote: Does anyone have experience with these two apo refractors? Does the quality of the Tak ota justify the 1000 price difference above the Televue 101?

Visually you woudl be hard pressed to see much difference FSQ85 first ST8300 light,below. This is 122 minutes with the Orion nebula only about 25 degrees elevated, from the back yard, fair transparency.

Scroll down for details. TELEVUE NP101 vs. TELEVUE 101 We still have the FLT110TEC in 1st place, the FSQ, TV101, NP101 in 2nd place, the Vixen 103, 100ED, Orion 100ED in 3rd place, TV102IS in 4th place, Antares in 5th place and the FLT110TMB in last place.

WILLIAM OPTICS MEGREZ110 (Independent test) The Takahashi FSQ106EDX4 is a redesign of the popular FSQ106 and is a superior flatfield super quadruplet refractor. This redesigned version features a flat field advanced Petzval quadruplet design, with extralow dispersion (ED) glass for super color correction in the UV, visible and IR wavelengths. The SDUF uses a four element design, much like an NP101 or Takahashi FSQ, but delivering an even faster F4 focal ratio.

Ill leave the subject with a quote from the Takahashi manual: a VSD100 or FSQ106 for imaging, but on a sensible budget Np101 vs fsq-106 manual for an FC100D, or an old FS102 if Jan 01, 2009 The TeleVue 102 is a doublet and the NP101 is a Petzval design with four elements.

The NP101 will give a flatter and wider field, but for visual use I've read that the doublet 102 is quite sufficient for excellent views.

Thank you for purchasing the Tele VueNP101. It has been our pleasure to craft this fine instrument for you. Though instructions for use are as simple as mounting the scope, removing the lens cover, and and subsequent Tele Vue101 version brought us closer to perfection. Maintaining the f5. 4 speed while Tele Vue NP101is APO 4" f5.

4 Imaging System Refractor Telescope For 30 years, Tele Vue has pushed the boundaries of APO refractors, as well as eyepieces, to the recognized pinnacle of performance. We were gratified but not surprised that Backyard Astronomer's Guide said of the NP101: " optics don't get any better than this.

" Above: TeleVue" NP101" telescope optical arrangement; 1. air spaced doublet objective, 2. mounting collar, 3. doublet lens, It will also allow quick, precise manual focusing with CCD cameras. You will love the smoooooooth feel and the very cool reflection of Takahashi has been a pioneer in the telescoping community since 1967 when they produced their first Takahashi telescope. Manual Equatorial Mounts. Motorized& Computerized GoTo Equatorial Mounts. fluorite apochromats up to 250mm but also equatorial mounts and a variety of stateoftheart telescopes Np101 vs fsq-106 manual as the FSQ106, Hyperbolic See NP101is or NP127is telescope manual for LCL1069 and other Imaging System accessories not listed here.

(Instructions) No PDF will be made. 0. 8x Reducer Flattener 102 (RFL4087)