Henson pro 6000 manual

Henson 9000 Technical Profile Visual Field screening instrument for visual field analysis using single or multiple stimulus Zata test HENSON 9000 Key product features Fast, of Henson screening technology, the Henson 9000 also allows you to conduct the standard threshold tests used in the detection and management Manual retest of any stimulus at any stage of examination anually add test locations at The Henson 9000 Perimeter includes all of the tests required for screening and monitoring Glaucoma& UK DVLA approved Group 1 and 2 Esterman drivers tests.

AutoManual Lensmeters. Autophoropters and Refractor Heads. Autorefractometer Keratometer Tonometer (3 in 1) HENSON COMPACT 6000 FIELD ANALYSER. Contact for more info. SKU: HENSON PRO 5000 FIELD Henson pro 6000 manual. Ex Demo& refurbished available supplied with Henson 3200, 4000, 3500, 5000, 6000 [click here for user manual. There are many versions of the Henson 3200 depending on its age and serial number. They all look virtually identical from the outside but inside, they may be completely different.

Burley Optical Services Henson VFA repair specialists all models. Early Version of 6000 Compact. Henson PRO 5000 or 3500 they look the same but different inside we can convert the 3500 into a 5000 model The Henson Pro 6000.

The Henson Pro 6000 was introduced in 2000, see Figure 6. It is smaller than the Henson Pro and incorporates a built in touch screen. The size reduction is, in part, achieved by reducing the size of the bowl.