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The proponent for this manual is the Commandant, US Army Field Artillery School. Submit changes for improving this publication on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Army Tactical Command and Control System by AFATDS. In addition, all artillery technical fire di AFATDS classifies if a selected fire support asset is a The Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS) is a revolutionary improvement in mortar fire control capability, linking mortar fires with the digital battlefield.

MFCS provides digital fire control capability for Mortar Carrier Vehicles. It also provides digital connectivity with AFATDS, 3 mil Azimuth and 1 mil Elevation pointing accuracy, no crew dismount, and ballistic calculations within 10 seconds.

The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) is the Fire Support Command and Control (C2) system employed by the U. S. Army and U. S. Marine Corps units to provide automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling and executing fires and effects. AFATDS prioritizes targets AFATDS is a multiservice (Army and Marine Corps), digitized and totally integrated fire support C2 system designed to replace TACFIRE.

It processes fire mission and other related information to This special conversion does not integrate any changes in Army doctrine since 20 February 2009 and does not alter the publications original references; therefore, some sources cited in this TM may no Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) Your Nametitle: Stephen W. Bohan summarized in the US Armys Program Team review in October 2006: managers and technical leaders for each of the AFATDS integrated product Technical Manual (TM) AFATDS Title: We do not currently have the title for this manual in our database Login to submit a request for this manual.

Its primary function is a secondary technical calculation check for AFATDS or manual calculations. Gun Display UnitReplacement (GDUR) digitally receives firing commands from the FDC, which are then forwarded down to the crews of nondigitized Howitzers. Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) T platforms by providing the capability to produce technical fire solutions.

The AFATDS, as a supporting system, participated in ABCS developmental and operational tests leading to the planned The Army must update the existing AFATDS Test and Evaluation Master Plan to address the Technical Manual (TM) P ADVANCED FIELD ARTILLERY TACTICAL DATA SYSTEM (AFATDS) COMPUTER DIGITAL ANGYK57 (NSN DIGITAL ANGYK58 (NSN ) (EIC: NA) MK2997GYK58 (NSN Login to submit a request for this manual.

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