Swimpure salt system manual

Hayward Swimpure Plus salt chlorine generator produces chlorine from noniodized salt and adds it to your pool water Salt water chlorinator easily plumbs into your pool filter system, has About the Hayward SwimPure Salt Chlorinator and Salt Cell LPM Part# : The Hayward SwimPure Salt Chlorinator Systems with Salt Cell is available for pools that are 15, 000, 25, 000, and 40, 000 gallons. The Hayward Swimpure salt system uses a Turbo Cell that connects to your return line plumbing.

As water is pushed through the Turbo Cell, salt is turned into chlorine and Home Pool Salt Chlorinators Hayward Goldline Chlorine Generators Hayward AquaRite Salt Generator Complete 40, 000 25, 000 and 15, 000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right size your salt system for the most efficient and costeffective chlorination possible.

I M lookling for a replacement for my swim pure that is 6 years old. Is Check Salt High Salt Inspect Cell Rotate the dial to adjust. Note: If the chlorine level does not increase within 24 hours after increasing output, test water with independent tests to determine current salt, stabilizer, phosphate, and nitrate levels.

Note: Output is scaled back to 20 of desired output setting at 600 F and output stops at 500 F. Hayward Instruction Manuals. Chlorinators: Above Ground DEX2420MAR2 Manual Air Relief Valve. SwimPure for Cartridge Filters N2C1200. SwimPure for Cartridge Filters N2C1750. XStream System. EasyClear Cartridge. SwimClear Cartridge. ASL Cartridge. SF400 Skim Filter. Heaters Water Chemistry Salt Level system. The SwimPure Plus with Controls can control pumps, valves, lighting, heaters, and chlorination.

NOTE: This manual assumes that the SwimPure Plus with Controls has been wired and configured according to the Installation Manual. Aspects of the SwimPure Plus with Controls that pertain to system setup are incorrect cell is chosen the salt level, amperage, and voltage will not be correct and the system will turn the chlorinator off.

Slide the Main Switch to the Auto position. If salt level is above the range, partially drain Aqua Rite Diagnostics Manual Aug 19, 2013 This video show you how to reset your swim pure salt chlorination system and one little secret tip to avoid a simple mistake. The largestselling saltwater pool system in the world! Leave your water soft and smooth with your new Hayward SwimPure Plus Salt System. The easiest way to sanitize a pool, the SwimPure Plus pool chlorinator takes small, existing levels of salt in your pool water and converts them into" free" chlorine.

Salt 2700 3400 ppm Add salt as required to increase. Add baking soda to increase. Stabilizer 60 80 ppm Add cyanuric acid to increase. Calcium 200 400 ppm Add calcium to increase. Drain and add water to decrease. Electrolytic Cell inspect& clean Refer to section in manual. SwimPure Plus easily installs on the standard filtration systems, both for new construction and on existing pools. SwimPure Plus comes equipped with an installation kit. The SwimPure Plus View and Download Hayward SWIMPURE owner's manual online.