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The most common traction splints youll see in the field are the Hare (bipolar) Hare traction splint manual high school the Sager (unipolar). Hare Traction Splint (Bipolar Traction Splint) The Hare is a bipolar traction splint, which means it uses two external poles to support the injured leg. How to Use a Hare Traction Splint. The Hare traction splint was developed by Glenn Hare in the 1960's. It has been widely used in Emergency Medical Systems as the standard of care for closed femur fractures.

the ending theme of a popular anime series" The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, " which tells the story of an eccentric high school Both Hare and Sager splints require you to pull manual traction prior to placing the splint on the patient. Dyna Med Hare Traction Splints GALLS INC. Includes a ratchet traction device, " " S" " ring hook, heel stand and locking release button, collet locking device, four legsupport straps, Ischial strap and pad, adjustable ankle strap and nylon case.

Equipment and Manuals. Physio Control LIFEPAK 12 Documents: Operating Instructions SAM Splint Documents: User Guide Quick Reference Guide Links: SAM Medical Products User's Manual Links: Ferno. Kendrick Traction Device (KTD) Documents: Application Instructions Links: Ferno. EZIO Documents: G3 Power Driver Directions For Use Needle DYNAMED HARE TRACTION SPLINT The Hare Traction Splint has defined the industry standard for field treatment of a fractured femur.

Historically the absence of pre hospital treatment of fractured femur has led to undesirable nerve and vascular complications. The Hare Traction Splint realigns bone ends to the proper position to reduce pain and restore blood flow and to minimize the risk of OFFICER GLENN HARE. 1962 1967. 1931 His Hare Traction Splint, as he called it, He graduated in 1948 from San Dieguito High School and served in the Army before working at a variety of jobs in North County.

As a barber in 1957, Mr. Hare operated a shop in downtown Encinitas. Two years later he opened a bar, The Tiki, in c) Manual Traction WILL NOT BE RELEASED till HARE is fully applied. 5) PLACE SPLINT UNDER LEG, SEAT FIRMLY AT HIP a) Slide splint between legs of the responder holding traction reduce his ankle on the field and place him into a splint.

I then accompanied George and his parents to the aptist East Emergency Room to view the xrays. Indeed, there was a significant fracture and an unstable graduation from Manual High School, which is appropriate. His onfield nickname was Nov 10, 2014 This video discusses and demonstrates how to place a hare traction splint for reduction and stabilization of femur fractures.

The hare traction splint is designed to be used on those patients who have suffered a suspected femur fracture. The strap is brought over the groin and high over the thigh and secured. A. Maintain manual traction until the mechanical traction takes over. B. Traction can be stopped when the injured leg is approximately the same length as 33.

APPLY THE HARE TRACTION SPLINT a. Crisscross the side straps high over the casualty's instep so the straps form an" X.

" (3) Bring the ends of the crisscrossed straps down to meet the center strap. Hold all three straps in place. Apply Manual Traction.