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Record of Revisions Retain this record in front of manual. Upon receipt of a revision, insert changes and complete table below. Revision STec 55X Autopilot Installation SUBJECT REASON DESCRIPTION: G. ComputerProgrammer& Manuals# FACSI2201G R00 Qty Part# Description 1 T ComputerProgrammer 1 BushingCooling Spigot 1 55X POH 1 S03 Flight Manual Supplement Aug 10, 2010В  Avidyne has a slidein replacement for the STEC55X autopilots common to Cirrus SR20s and SR22s.

Aviation Consumer's Jeff Home COPA NonPaid Member Marketplace Marketplace Forum STEC 55X Autopilot for Sale Custom COPA Footer Branding (4) 2018 Cirrus Owners& Mar 20, 2013 Overview of the STec 55X Autopilot in the prePerspective Cirrus Aircraft. PN S20 1 of 24 Cirrus Design Section 9 SR20 Supplements Pilots Operating Handbook and FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement For STec System 55X STEC 55X ILS intercept procedure (NON CIRRUS ONLY) 9 Posts Related; Order; MooneyDriver.

27Nov17 16: 12 01. Folks, we had a discussion here about the correct way to intercept and capture an ILS on the STEC 55x, as the manual is not very clear on this. As I am still not IR rated again I have not had a chance to play with this but How to properly utilize the STEC 55x Autopilot while flying instrument approaches in Cirrus aircraft.

just turn that autopilot on, sit back and get ready to learn! (Note: All information below is taken from the Cirrus Flight Operations Manual for the SR20 and SR22). High Performance Aviation 206A S Loop 336W# 293 Conroe, Texas MEGGITT AVIONICSSTEC FLIGHT LINE SERVICE MANUAL FOR RATE BASED AUTOPILOTS 1st Ed 11 May 2001 None Section 5 deleted in its entirety. System 5555X550 System System 65 System 60 PSS 1. 3 Required Test Equipment Nomenclature PN Flight Line Autopilot Tester Breakout Box 9524 SYS FIFTY FIVE X POH List of Effective Pages Asterisk indicates pages changed, added, or deleted by revision.

Manual Electric Trim Command Switch. MOVE FWD or AFT The autopilot should disconnect. NOTE: The Manual Electric Trim Command Switch will disconnect the autopilot only if there is a Pitch Mode engaged. The DFC90 autopilot is certified with the Avidyne Entegra PFD or the Aspen EFD1000 Pro PFD in the Cirrus SR20 and SR22. The DFC90 autopilot is certified with the Aspen EFD1000 Pro in 25 models of the Beech Bonanza including the 3533, 35A33, 35B33 Customers upgrading from the STEC 55X will notice several major performance and