Double horse 9116 transmitter manual arts

This All New 2012 Latest 4 Channel Double Horse 9116 large rc helicopter is the Best and Newest helicopter yet! Unlike 3 channel helicopters, this 4 Channel Double Horse 9116 1 how can i reset to original settings the transmitter of the Double Horse 9116? 2 it normal that when (using mode 2) pulling down the right joystick (backward) just one servo respond moving down? just the left one from a back view because the right servo during the operation stays in normal position.

NEWEST Double Horse RC Helicopter 9118 26" 3. 5ch 2. 4G RC (Colors May Vary) 38cm Double Horse 9116 2. 4GHz 4CH 4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter Gyro Big 450 Size (COLORS MAY VARY) New F949 3Ch RC Airplane Fixed Wing Plane Outdoor toys with 2. 4G Transmitter, Extra Battery and Propeller, By Park10 Toys 2. 5 out of 5 stars 6. Sep 02, 2014 Double Horse 9116 Transmitter. I Converted my Double Horse 9100 into a 9116. 4Channel 2.

4 G and you can fly it when there's a breeze. My problem is I found the 9116 Transmitter for 9. 00 bucks, but it didn't come with a manual. I don't no if there is something wrong with my radio, but I can't seem to set the sub trim. I can't get my up This detailed Double Horse 9116 is beautifully designed and made in high strength metal, so Double horse 9116 transmitter manual arts can survive more bumps and races than all other competitors.

hello all, i recently got a new circuit board for my double horse 9116 and i can't get the transmitter to bind or hook up to the new board.

i got the part off of ebay for pretty cheap and wonder if i got what i need or not. when i power up the bird the servos twitch and all the leds blink but that is all it will do.

i wonder if there is some setting in the transmitter that i can change or Double Horse 9116 Technical Manual To double check to see if the helicopter is properly bound to the transmitter, hold the heli in the palm of your DH9116 Transmitter Original Factory Program Menu Settings.

Terms used within the transmitter and this blog. TX Transmitter ELEV Elevator (cyclic movement forward or backward) How to Bind the Double Horse 9116 to a New Transmitter Controller Posted on 5th September 2013 by Hobby Warehouse To reestablish the signal link between the helicopter and the transmitter by gaining access to the transmitters automatic signal code synchronisation mode (transmitter bind). Nov 02, 2012 Search RC Groups dot com for details on this mod.

It is super simple, and involves a resistor, a bit of wire, and a toggle if desired. To double check to see if the helicopter is properly bound to the transmitter, hold the heli in the palm of your hand at arms length, and give the throttle stick a quick burst or throttle up, but still low enough so it doesn't shoot up out of your hands and hit the ceiling.

The Double Horse 9116 RC Helicopter Review Posted on 3rd November 2012 by Hobby Warehouse Although it has a lower number, this RC helicopter is in many UDI RC U845 Voyager 6 2. 4GHz 6 Axis Gyro Drone with HD Camera RTF Hexacopter