Slaughter 2512 manual high school

A listing of all schools and their addresses in the JCPS District. Click on the name of a school to view more information about it. Calibration and service pricing is for North American customers only. Contact your local sales office to inquire about pricing and availability for countries outside of North America.

2512, 2515, 2925, 2935, 2945. Looking For ANSI Z540, Denan's Law, or CTL Specification Accredited Calibrations? I married my high school sweetheart, Jacob Slaughter. The two of us have two wonderful children.

Our son, Zachary, is a ninth grade student at LugoffElgin High School and our daughter, Emma Grace, is a fifth grade student at Blaney Elementary School.

HiPot Testers Testwave LLC Slaughter Model 2512 2. 5kVAC Hipot with ground continuity. Output voltage, accuracy, resolution: Complete with 6 foot highvoltage safety probe, 6 foot highvoltage clip, 6 foot ground return, 6 foot NEMA detachable line cord, user manual, and calibration certificate The Slaughter 2512 2.

5 kV AC Hipot Tester W 250 VA AC Output is one of our available Used AC Hipot Testers. Test Equipment Center sells Used AC Hipot Testers and Electrical Safety Products from Slaughter, AEMC, Associated Research, and many other test equipment manufacturers. 2018 SCI Toll Free: 1 (800) Phone: 1 (847) Sitemap Jefferson County School District (Louisville, KY) calendars& holidays. The 2512 is a 250 VA AC Hipot Tester and the 2515 is a 500 VA AC Hipot Tester.

These testers are designed for high current applications. model no. 2512& 2515 HIGH CURRENT HIPOT TESTERS Entry Level Production Hipot Testers Electronic Dwell Settings Adjustable Electronic Ramp Settings