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Oct 19, 2007 87 honda prelude engine swap? i blew a head gasket about a year ago and everything went out with it (barons, etc) i dont want to go out and buy another car so i want to do an engine swap. i was thinking along the lines of a h22 or maybe just something small as a b16 or 18. i know this will require the changing of the transmission along with the Mar 28, 2009 i have a 1998 prelude that is automatic and i really want to switch it to a 5 speed and i was wondering what needed to be done and how much it would 98 prelude auto manual swap Honda Prelude Forum Site Navigation View and Download HONDA Prelude service manual online.

Prelude Automobile pdf manual download. Aug 26, 2004 I got an 86 Accord to play around with. now realizing that it has the A20A carbuerated motor.

which unless im wrong is useless to even attempt to tune, therefore I would appreciate advice on a possible engine swap. Sep 03, 2013 Not sure if I could afford a manual swap right now (N) It drives alright at least in my yard lol my garden hose wouldn't reach where the car is sitting.

Last My 86 Prelude Thread Nice! Give that other machine shop guy a slap upside the head for making you do another teardown. DrSnooz Aug 09, 2011 The Notorious H23A to H22A Swap Prelude Car Forums Automotive Forums. com Car Chat 86 prelude manual swap first, and very importantly if you don't have the mechnical knowledge for the swap, you will want a Helms manual for the Honda Prelude.

You also need an engine lift, and the actual engine. There are many places you can buy JDM engines. Here's a few: May 10, 2007 86 honda prelude with jdm b18c motor swap Jul 08, 2011 Honda Prelude Forum TechTalk 5th Gen Honda Prelude: 5 Speed Swap Complete! ! this may not be the issue but are you using the auto ECU or put in a manual ECU. at the extreme prelude sight if you go all the way down before the pictures to the troubleshoot part it talks about a Idle issue surge.

dosent go into details but might be a Dec 02, 2011В  Class of 86 Honda Prelude Si Daniel Strohl on Dec 2nd JDM Preludes got the 160hp DOHC 16valve B20A fourcylinder, an ideal swap for tuners in later years. ) 86 prelude manual swap with the larger engine, the Si came standard with air conditioning, power windows and mirrors, cruise control, alloy wheels and bodycolor spoilers, and could be had with a May 26, 2011 a full helms manual the swap guide (Mazmo.

com 5spd Swap) and a fairly decent grasp on engine operation. From the swap guide, here is the parts list: [x Helms Manual (VERY IMPORTANT) Helm Inc 1999 Prelude (BB614BB624BB8), 2002 Monte Carlo, 1988 Wife, 2003 Rendezvous CXL AWD Oct 16, 2015 I've decided that a manual swap will be my next major project since i've already installed 3 auto trannys in my car however if i'm gonna do it i want to go all out i was reading another thread about someone making a film a how to on the 5 speed swap which i deffinitely need a copy of but i guess what i am getting to is instead of 5 speed why not go 6 speed i have heard that there May 10, 2007 86 prelude special edition?

? Discussion in 'Prelude' started what is the interchangability of parts between 2nd and 3rd gen prelude? can you swap more than just taillights? this is a canada car and current law provides me with the freedom of running without a catalytic converter.

if i remove the stock piece will it screw the whole thing up Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap. Added February 20th, 2010. 86. go back to the master cylinder and hook up the clutch fluid reservoir.

if you want to attach it to the firewall go ahead, but mine is just sitting there upright. First thing you need to get is Helms Manual (VERY IMPORTANT). Download here Here are all the parts youre going to need with some prices (note: these are estimates, your prices will probably vary).

have all the tools, a welder, jacks, etc, I would get a shop to do it. The guy I have doing mine has never done a 5spd swap on a prelude Oct 26, 2014 86 Honda Prelude Location Malaysia Posts 3, 846. Re: My 86 Prelude Thread MT swap, rear disc swap Can't see my car?

Install the" photobucket embed fix" AddOn in your Firefox browser. Shop manual downloads available here: My 86 Prelude Thread Its running now. All is good.