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Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer announced last week that the Cambridge Analytica breach affected as many as 87 million users, a number that has grown several times since the Jun 19, 2018 In less than four days, a California couple has raised more than 6 million and counting on Facebook to help reunite undocumented families that were separated at the border. Jun 26, 2013В  Last Friday Facebook revealed that a bug leaked personal information, including email addresses and phone numbers, of six million users.

The security breach sparked a discussion in the Internet community about what information Facebook has collected and what information it can collect. Facebook has announced a slightly serious security mishap: A bug in the Download Your Information (DYI) tool may have exposed your personal information. Jun 22, 2013В  SAN FRANCISCO Facebook has inadvertently exposed six million users phone numbers and email addresses to unauthorized viewers over the last year, the company said late Friday.

Facebook My Journey To Six Million March 18 After reading" Made In America" by Sam Walton and" The WalMart Effect" by @cfishman, I learned @Walmart is not as evil as people think it is on# podcast# retailer# discounting# business Jun 27, 2013В  The Facebook bug that leaked the private contact information of 6 million users, confirmed by the company on Friday, appears to be worse Jun 21, 2013В  Facebook Inc has inadvertently exposed 6 million users' phone numbers and email addresses to unauthorized viewers over the past year, the Today, Facebook announced a security bug that compromised the personal account information of six million users.

In a post on the Facebook Security page, the site's White Hat team explained that Facebook lost nearly 6 million users in the U. S. last month, according to Inside Facebook, a service that tracks the social networking site cofounded by Mark Zuckerberg.

I recently passed 1000 Miles and 2 Million Steps. ONLY 2000 Miles and 4 Million more steps to go. However, Ive had a tendency to get lost, so maybe 6. 2 Million Steps Facebook accidentally shared 6 million users' email addresses or telephone numbers due to a software bug, the company announced Friday. The breach was caused by an unfortunate combination of