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Section 4: EPAF Glossary 4. 1 General EPAF Terms 4. 2 EPAF User Types. Contract Type Position type. Each employee must have one active primary job. Additional jobs must Revised: OSCAR Project\ONLINE TASK PROJECTCurrent\EPAF Upload Project\EPAF Training Manuals 1 To see all jobs for this employee as of this Action Date, select display options. To select by Appointment Type, click the EPAF Training for Originators Student Career Services& Graduate Assistantships.

Onboarding. New Employee Orientation. Total Rewards Orientation. Action form training website. A variety of different training tools have been developed to assist you with the new ePAF process. Training Manual. ePAF Training Manual. Learn about the many reasons the University of Idaho could be a perfect fit for you. Schedule Your Visit. Explore. Discover a Career; EPAF Manual: Includes The following files are additional EPAF Training Resources available to you: EPAF Flowchart: This flowchart shows the overall EPAF Process from Employment Authorization (I9 and university of british columbia.

payment& procurement. services okanagan. campus. payroll. epaf training manual. 201. 5 Electronic Personnel Action form (ePAF) The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) can be accessed through the Employee Self Service function in myWings and allows HireReHire Actions and Change Actions to be submitted in a paperless form and then approved electronically.

Training Course Descriptions Training sessions will take the form of group demonstrations, with users following along in the manuals provided. You are not required to have access to ePAF to attend these training sessions.

Why UBC? Faculty Careers; Staff Careers (Internal) Staff Careers (External) HRMS Forms& Manuals. Position Management, eRecruit and ePAF. There is also an HRMS Workflow training course available. To review the course description andor to register for an upcoming session, Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards Appointment Form or eForm (ePAF Training Manual SAF sample).

The student appointment form has to be signed by the Work Learn Program office so please send the completed form to the Work Learn Program UBC Centre for Student Involvement& Careers work. [email protected] ca. Title: NSERC This course is designed for departmental administrators who submit hires, terminations, and job changes to Human Resources and Payroll.

ePAF is a webbased system that facilitates submisisons of Human Resources and Payroll transactions such as Hires, Terminations, Pay Rate changes. The University of British Columbia. UBC A Place of Mind. The University of British Columbia campus. UBC Search. and if your department is FMS certified, there are several finance training courses for which you can register. ePAF Training: [BANNER EPAF TRAINING MANUAL OCTOBER 2013 EPAFs for Civil Service Assignments (HIRE20) Step 1: Log into Banner Web Click on the link Enter Secure Area Click in the User ID box Type your User ID (9 digit SNumber) Click in the PIN box or Press the Tab key Type your PIN (In Training Your PIN will be ) Financial Operations Payroll ePAF Training Manual 2017 HRMS Helpdesk: Careers.

Why UBC? Faculty Careers; Staff Careers (Internal) Staff Careers (External) HRMS Forms& Manuals. HRMS& Financial Training. HRMS Workflow HRMS Operating System Browser Compatibility. HRMS Service Bulletin. HRMS Updates. Contact HR Information Systems. ePAF Quick Help Guide for Approvers. ePAF is used to hire someone for a