Chevy manual steering box lube

Apr 01, 2008 Chevy Forums FREE technical assistance for your restoration and repair. Model specific subject matter experts, classified ads and more. Apr 06, 2009 Re: Manual Steering box lube. Whats is the best way to fill up the steering box? If it gets filled through one of the bolt holes like in the pic above, it looks like it would be tough to get grease in there? Apr 16, 2014В  My 55 chevy manual gear box leaks (all three places) with the 90 weight lubricant, so I have" sucked out" all of that lubricant out and will be putting in some multipurpose grease and see how that works before I go about replacing the gear box with a Jun 24, 2013 i think my manual steering box lube has leaked out over the years.

anyone know capacity and weight to use? Mac Kinghorn: In a Motors Manual as well as a factory GM Service Manual that pertains to my 1952 Chevy 1300 pick up the instructions for filling the steering box are as follows: DO NOT FILL THE BOX WITH OIL The steering box is to be filled through the pipe plug opening on the top of the box with the top sidecover bolt above the May 04, 2012В  Grease OK in steering box?

Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Grease OK in steering box? GM used to have a manual steering gear" grease"which came in a tube. It was for Corvettes. I have used Penrite Steering lube for many years, its an extremely thick oil almost a semi fluid grease but it does flow so it will not Sep 29, 2010В  Manual steering box lubricant?

Steering, Suspension, and Chassis information about parts, rebuilding, restoration and racing. This website is not affiliated with GM, General Motors or Chevrolet in any capacity. Chevy Nova i worked in a full service gas station in the 60's& the steering box was included in a lube job.

we Ford manualstyle steering boxes (those that do not have power steering fluid running through them), use a grease internally as a lubricant not a fluid. This grease is a moly or lithiumbased grease like used in lubricating the Chevy manual steering box lube and steering linkage. The steering box's location near the exhaust manifold and engine also causes Aug 02, 2010 Hi folks. Which bolt do you remove on the manual steering box to add grease?

? I know the one in the middle is a worm gear and should not be touched, Oct 03, 2011В  Steering box lube Grease& Oil Mix# Sun Oct 02 2011 04: 06 AM In 59 I started working as a greaser at a Chevrolet dealership in the Chicago suburbs.

approved lubricant for the differential, transmissions and steering boxes was the same gear lube. The reason for steering gear leaks can be traced to three things.