Ctx 3030 manual sensitivity definition

Sep 11, 2016 I usually use 3 sensitivity but today I used as high a manual setting as I could with good results. Manual VS Auto: After 3 months with the CTX I have changed my tune regarding Auto sensitivity. Coming from the Etrac, I loved using MANUAL sens and swore it went deeper. Minelab CTX 3030 Settings by Ron. When I started using the CTX 3030 I tried different settings and combinations of those settings.

Sensitivity set to manual. Aug 09, 2014 CTX 3030 sensitivity question I'm concerned that my sensitivity level isn't making a lot of sense. I've had my 3030 for a month, so I know there's a LOT to learn about it. 3. Increase Manual Sensitivity until the detector starts responding to the ground, and note this particular Sensitivity value and FECO readings of the ground signals.

4. Change the GROUND setting to DIFFICULT (enable the" GROUNDCOIN" setting in CTX3030) and repeat the procedure, again noting the Sensitivity value and the ground's FECO values. 5. There are many threads on this forum discussing the use of manual vs Auto sensitivity and the pro's and con's of each. As Stever said with the CTX in auto3 if a target (coin size) is under the coil it will see it. Plus, the CTX3030's" Smart" coils allow for setting the Manual Sensitivity to higher levels than on the ETRAC without causing too many false signals.

And, as I mentioned above, the CTX 3030's graphic target representation makes up for the detector's noisy performance. Nov 01, 2015 Sensitivity on the ctx 3030 All About Detectors Back to sensitivity. You really need to run manual to get the most out of the CTXeven on milder ground. CTX 3030 Manual Sensitivity, you can adjust the sensitivity setting to your desired level. The Sensitivity Panel can optionally be displayed on the Detect Screen.

Pinpoint Figure 22 Pinpointing the target For more information on Pinpoint options, see page 42. CTX 3030 Instruction Manual Page 36: Ctx 3030 Menus, Using The Menus, Menu Symbols. CTX 3030 Menus CTX 3030 Menus The Main Menu screen provides you with access to all of Nenad Lonic: Everyone knows how well FBS (and now FBS 2) technology works on the wet sand, and on saltwater beaches, but recently I have noticed a little bit of head scratching among CTX 3030 users in regards to Sensitivity options Auto and Manual.

Minelab CTX3030 Manuals Sensitivity 28 Start The Ctx 3030 Xchange 2 Application 61 Minelab CTX 3030 beach and water hunting tips. the CTX 3030 in the Auto sensitivity setting until you get with manual sensitivity levels after you