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1919 Piccolette ContessaNettel folding camera hacked onto a Canon 5D MII. Hu Shaoming is a young Chinese sculptor and graduate of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. With a deft mastery of metal he creates intricate sculptures that are surreal and dreamlike Manual See more. Antique This is a complete user manual about the postwar Contax cameras made in Stuttgart.

Although its content is more like a photography guide, there are some interesting descriptions about the rangefinder mechanism and the complex shutter. So, I grabbed my tools and tried to fix the Smena. Smena 8M was my first Lomographic camera and I still love it like in the first day. so you will need an old school manual flash with a PC wire. Smena 8M was my first lomo camera and I still love it like in the first day. I have been shooting hundreds of photos with a Contessa Nettel Contessa Nettel Duroll with Carl Zeiss lens Vintage Camera.

Find this Pin and more on Photography: Vintage Cameras by Mitch Rossow. Leica IIIf ( ) I love the graphics on these beautiful old machines.

photography light meter Manual exposure meter LENINGRAD Exposure Meter In original box, For photography for cameras. Using a diecast alloy body it housed a vertically travelling metal focalplane shutter reminiscent of the one used in ContessaNettel cameras, made out of interlocking blackened brass slats somewhat like a rollup garage door. This complex shutter became the characteristic of the Contax camera and its SuperNettel derivative. A Foca camera Zeiss ikon contessa 35 manual pdf download, view and download zeiss ikon contessa makers (contessa nettel, ernemann, goerz and ica) in 1926.

The zeiss ikon contax camera repair website servicing a, servicing a zeiss contarex Hand Towel Hannah Leisure Arts Download Pdf Wolf Spirit Story Wolves Wonder Nov 17, 2009 Forums Equipment Classic Manual Cameras Kodak Recomar ShotsFINALLY. If you really blow your horn in this regard you might get more" funding for the arts" thrown into your department. and Ernemenn, and Carl Zeiss Palmos merged in 1925. Then contessaNettel Joined the group in 1926 and formed Zeiss Ikon. Nagel didn't last long with Multiple Exposures for Beginners 22 143 Share Tweet.

New to Lomography? Have you been wondering how other people have been able to blend pictures together? In the past four months, I have been shooting hundreds of photos with a Contessa Nettel Tessco. I don't know when was the last time its previous owner shot pictures with it. Perhaps 20 The Online Darkroom Keeping alive the black arts of analogue photography The Online Darkroom Store The Contessa Nettel folder, from which I adapted the lens for use on the SL66, sat rather neatly in front of the 5x4 back but it's a quarter plate camera and the back is obviously far too big to be grafted onto it.

The 137MD was criticised Manual zz. Categories. Baby& children Martial arts equipment Skateboarding& skating Chest Tripod 386 Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 47. 5cm 'Marine' 387 480 Contessa Nettel Duchessa Stereo 388 312 Contessa Nettel Sonnet Tropical 389 840 Contessa Nettel Sonnet Tropical 390 528 Contessa Nettel DeckrulloNettel 391 900 Collection by mauro.

corneo. I've always had the passion for photography, my first camera was a" Canon FTb" and in 2009 I started collecting cameras Contact mauro. corneo