C 5 flight manual supplements

AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL SUPPLEMENT N3928V Cessna R172K HAWK XP This manual is an FAA approved flight manual and the original copy is in the aircraft Issue 1 of this supplement has six pages. There are no additional continued airworthiness instructions associated with this supplement.

This supplement was originally approved by UK. CAA as Supplement 23 to Flight Manual Issue 9 The information contained in this Airplane Flight Manual Supplement Supplemental Aircraft Flight Manual supplements or supersedes the basic manual placards only in those areas listed. For limitations, procedures and performance information not contained in this supplement, consult the basic manuals, markings, and placards.

If a new Airplane Flight Manual is obtained at a later date, it is the responsibility of the owner operator to ensure all required Airplane Flight Manual supplements (TC and STC) as well as weight and balance and other pertinent data, are transferred into the new Airplane Flight Airplane Flight Manual Warnings, Cautions, and Notes.

The AFM contains C 5 flight manual supplements procedures and techniques that may be categorized as warnings, cautions, and notes as defined in Appendices and Supplements. Additions to the AFM that may or may not supersede existing AFM material. (1) Appendix. An addition to the AFM to cover the Subsection 9. 1 contains Flight Manual Supplements (FMS) with instructions for special operations (e.

g. Category A, etc. ). Subsection 9. 2 contains Flight Manual Supplements FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement DOCUMENT NUMBER For This supplement must be attached to the Pilots Operating Handbook and the FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual when STC SA2196CE (which increases the gross weight to 2550 lbs) and STC SA4428SW, Owners Manual And Approved Flight Manual Supplement Number 2 Garmin GNS 430 GPS Navigator With VHF Nav, ILS, and VHF Com When a Garmin GNS 430 GPS Navigator with NAV, ILS, and COM is installed in the CH 2000, this GARMIN GNS 430 VHF COMMNAVGPS XL2 Airplane PN 135A FAA Approved: Section 9 Initial Release Page 1 of 10 FAA APPROVED AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL SUPPLEMENT Installation of a Rockwell Collins TCAS 4000 with dual TDR94D Mode S Transponder Certification Basis Limitations Engineering Order Doc No EO01 dated Issue 1 or later EASA approved revisionsAirplane Flight Manual SupplementTCAS 4000 Doc No AM01A issue 2 or later EASA approved revisionsAirplane Flight Manual Supplement The information contained in this Owners Manual Supplement is applicable to the operation of the airplane in accordance with STC SA2196CE which increases the gross weight to 2500 lbs and STC SA4428SW which installs an O360 Lycoming engine and a Supplemental Airplane Flight Manual The certification basis for each qualified model is specified in the type certificate data sheet (TCDS) and modified by the amendment levels noted in the appendix identified in the approved model list of Section Approved Flight Manual Supplements (AFMS) Piliot operating handbook and FAA approved airplane flight manual supplement for Precise Flight products.

Beech. Beech 33, 35, 36 SpeedBrakes STC SA SE& AFMS for Beech 33, 35, 36 SpeedBrakes. Document Number: SA SE. Cessna. PN S39 1 of 24 Cirrus Design Section 9 SR20 Supplements Pilots Operating Handbook and FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement Oct 29, 2008 Rotorheads Flight Manual Supplements Say you are flying a Bell 407 in EMS configuration, and all the equipment is approved Is it legal to