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Used Metallurgical Test Equipment. Specifically designed for the highly accurate measurement of strain and deflection, these instruments provide valuable testing 120 K (600 kN) Tinius Olsen Super L Tension and Compression Testing Machine (1) USED 120, 000 lbf (600 kN) Capacity Tinius Olsen, Model Super L, Computer Controlled Hydraulic Tension and Compression Testing Machine with Extra Vertical Opening.

Discover all the products from Tinius Olsen and see a list of their distributors. Contact the manufacturer directly for a quote. Low Energy Impact Testers. plastic pendulum impact tester IT503.

plastic pendulum impact tester IT504. manual penetrometer TO512. Civil Engineering Testing Machine ASPHALT. Tinius Olsen manufactures several high capacity pendulum impact testers, most of which can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration, or even to a tensile impact configuration.

These testers come in several capacities and are designed primarily for determining the impact resistance of metals and are designed For easier and more flexible impact testing on plastics, the machines can be connected to a PC running Tinius Olsens Horizon software for data capture and analysis. Here the first 4 pages from the catalogue" IT Series HIGH CAPACITY Impact Testing Machines from Tinius Olsen" P.

1 ITM000EN02HIGH CAPACITYImpact Testing MachinesTinius OlsenIT Series Impact Systems Torsion Civil Engineering Products Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension andor compression materials testing machines. Tinius Olsen machines are designed for use in many industries including research and quality control to measure materials strength and performance.

Tinius Olsen introduces their new model MP1200 melt indexer which sets the new standard with unprecendented temperature accuracy and stability. Combined with our tensile, impact, heat distortion, moisture and other testers, we are your one stop shop for your testing needs. Melt Index testing equipment. The manual MP1200 comes with 440 K Tinius Olsen Deluxe Super L Tension and Compression Tester, Compression Opening 108"Test Stroke 24"Table 30" x 31" The Tinius Olsen IT800 metal impact supports tests in accordance with ASTM E23 and ISO 148, these tests can be carried out through the touch screen user interface and or Tinius Olsens Horizon impact testing software running on a PC or over a network.

Tinius Olsen Literature; Tinius Olsen History; Contact Us; Search. Tinius Olsen Literature. Automated Systems EN. Automated Systems 1. 0 MiB 1680 Downloads Details 2. 1 MiB 63 Downloads Details Plastics Impact Testers In addition to our standard test frames, Tinius Olsen offers a couple of select application testing frames capable of accomodating wide specimens or testing at ultra high speeds.

A Message from Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co.Inc. Impact testing is a complex and controversial subject, and one that is in the midst of change.