Jackson 658a tube tester manuals

Aug 18, 2018 Test Equipment Antique Radio Forum for Collectors FORUMURL Guys: Can anyone help me with this? I have one of these testers but need the manual, I need to calibrate it. I will pay for a copy or gladly make you a copy of any of Permalink.

I have a Jackson 658a. Acquired it somewhere around 1998. I grew up near Dayton Ohio. I swear it is not nostalgia that motivated me owning this unit as well as Drake 4B ham gear The Tester came with the instruction manual, Seldom used tube list, a supplemental booklet to the roll chart titled Tube Test Data and an adapter The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Mirror: jackson658.

This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this archive.

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205) I have a Jackson 648S and the scroll doesn't show an EL34 but the Jackson Special Tube Data book shows it to be a 6CA7 equivalent or similar. Jan 31, 2016В  The Jackson 115 does have a 9 pin socket. This was found in a Hickok I177 tester Manual and it may be wise to follow the advice. TB TUBE TEST DATA FOR USE WITH TUBE TESTERS I I bought a Jackson 658A tube tester which according to some people is better than a Hickok because of the higher voltage put to the tubes.

It is in great condition. Tube Tester 658 A Equipment Jackson The Electrical Instrument CO.Dayton, build?5 pictures, 1 tubes, United States of America, schematics Manual needed for Jackson 658A tubetester! by Mjzucca Tue, 22 Jun 1999 04: 00: 00. Guys: Does anyone have a manual for this unit? I have the schemo and the tube charts Manual needed for Jackson 658A tube tester! ! 3. Need info or manual I just picked up a Jackson 658A tube tester.

Anyone have any comments on this one? Is it different from the model 658, because it doesn't have the manual, but I Download JACKSON 658 TUBE TESTER service manual& repair info for electronics experts Dec 02, 2010 Many people is saying in the tube tester forum that Hidcock tube tester is overall better then Jackson. I wonder? Now I could be about to owning a piece of antique history or a junk.