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The Philosophers Tone Micro represents an analog musical equivalent to this mythical substance in the world of guitar. People have been trying to get clean sustain from a pedal for decades, and the alchemists at Pigtronix seems to have found the secret to make it happen. Pigtronix philosophers tone users guide Read online or download PDF Pigtronix Philosophers Tone User Manual Oct 27, 2009В  The Pigtronix is ideal if you want lots of sustain, but also lots of squish.

It has the extra advantage of the" grit" button which gives a funny mild OD tone that I loved. The Tone Press is incredibly natural to the tone, it doesn't have lots of volume level reserves, but I Pigtronix.

The Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone is a stateoftheart analog compressor sustainer, providing endless clean sustain. With variable Sustain (threshold), Blend (ratio) and Treble controls, the Philosopher's Tone offers a huge range of compression sounds for the discerning musician.

The Pigtronix Philosophers Tone is a rock solid compression pedal with more versatility than most. This pedal adds a Pigtronix philosophers tone manual muscle clear sustain to your sound without adding unwanted noise Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Germanium Gold Review Ari Koinuma May 14, 2014 A guitar being a plucked instrument, sustain is something of a concern to many of us.

EXCLUSIVE: Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold LTD review! Find out if it's as good as the original. Is it the best guitar compressor? Oct 06, 2016В  Buy Now: https: goo. gltjnmA7 Today were turning tone into gold with the Philosophers Tone Micro from Pigtronix. Based on its legendary fullsized Philoso The Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Germanium Gold Micro packs an unprecedented amount of boutique compression and germanium distortion into a microsized pedal. FEATURES Noiseless clean sustain The Pigtronix Philosophers Tone is a highend compressor with a couple of unique features.

Unlike most compressors, it sports a blend knob that allows users to mix their dry signal with the pedals compressed output. Pigtronix Philosopher King Great Pedal or Pricy Disappointment? My take after 4 years of gigging. Opines welcome. (self. guitarpedals) Started out with the Philosopher Tone and was not impressed. Returned it and the sale rep recommended the Philosopher King. I took it home and found the compressor more useful, but overall I think it's not If your not satisfied by this compressor, your going to have a hard time finding a better one.

Great job Pigtronix.