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Go With the Flow: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Michelle Vallet, August 16, 2016 Two lymphatic disorders that massage therapymore specifically manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)has shown some promise in helping are edema and lymphedema. Isabel ViverosCiampi, a Clinical Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist, is trained to use MLD to restore the natural working capacity of the lymphatic system, minimizing your swelling, bruising and soreness, and helping your wounds heal with minimal scarring.

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a very light, slow, flowing massage. It aims to promote the speed at which Lymph fluid ( straw coloured tissue fluid) is processed by the body. Lymph gathers post injury or surgery or during a tissue inflammatory response. Lymphatic drainage will push these substances into the lymph channels before the body has a chance to eliminate them. This way one can spread the toxic substances throughout the body.

It is best to wait a few days until the condition is not acute and the body has had a chance to clean up the area. Manual Lymphatic Drainage It was a long journey, beginning in 1932 when Vodder, a Danish scientist, not only discovered Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) intuitively, but also endeavored to elucidate the technique theoretically on the basis of the somewhat obscure literature on the lymph system, which was still founded essentially on macroscopic studies.

Instrumental lymphatic drainage is a suitable supplement of manual lymphatic drainage, or it is a very effective procedure on itself, but it is necessary to use highquality instruments from proven manufacturers, always follow the principles of safe lymphatic drainage, particularly to release the lymph nodes before the massage and stick to Manual Lymph Drainage THE DR.

VODDER METHOD Imagine a husbandandwife team seeing clients at their physicaltherapy institute in Cannes, France, in the 1930s. Manual Lymph Drainage, or lymphatic massage, is performed for patients who experience edema in legs, arms, abdomen and other areas of the body due to improper lymph flow. Lymph Drainage with massage! Lymph originates as plasma, which is the fluid portion of blood.

The Role of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia, also known as fibromyalgia syndrome, fibromyositis and fibrositis, is one of the most common chronic pain conditions, affecting millions of individuals in the United States and worldwide. He established the medical effects, indications and contraindications of Vodders method MLD (manual lymph drainage).

After years of medical and lab research, both physicians Michael Foldi and his wife Ethel Foldi combined the lymph drainage method of Dr. Vodder with other therapies. Manual Lymph Drainage. Manual Lymph drainage is a gentle and safe technique that encourages the flow of Lymph fluid in the body.

The technique is applied by the therapist with a two directional stretch to the skin ending in a zero phase or complete release of the tissue in a circular motion.