Novellus speed chamber manual

G AH12 Rev 12 PO Box 217 Leander, TX USA A Resource for Semiconductor Manufacturers Illustrated Part Guide for Novellus Systems C1, C2, Sequel, Altus, & Speed Sequel Spindle Components NOVELLUS Concept 2 Sequel Express. AG Semiconductor Services 2 EQUIPMENT DATASHEET 1. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION SYSTEM MODLE 150mm 200mm CHAMBER CONFIGURATION PROCESS RUN ON CVD# A TEOS CPRAL SIN FSG PSG AR Novellus Concept Three Speed.

3Chamber o Process Chamber Type: 300mm HDPNFII o Process Application: HDP IMD Macquarie Electronics USA Inc. This data sheet is provided to you on a strictly confidential basis and contains commercially sensitive and valuable informatio n. No part of its content may be provided Used CVD Semicoductor Equipment List. Used Plasmatherm 700 VLR (Versalock ) PECVD System Suss Micro Tec 2004 Delta 20T150 VPO Manual Coat.

Sustaining Engineering (1 Altus chamber) NOVELLUS SPEED HDP CVD Novellus Concepttwo CVD Novellus SPEED CVD Novellus C2SPEEDS P COMPANY NEWS ARCHIVE: ForthRite announces the release of TraceRite Classic for Novellus Speed chamber clean endpoint detection. Application of the TraceRite technology resulted in an immediate reduction in particles and improvement in process yield. The measurement system includes the SenseRite unit, data acquisition of the parts used on the Novellus Concept One.

Each refurbished system or chamber is disassembled to its base components and rebuilt with a combination of new and highquality refurbished parts and assemblies.

Processrelated components Novellus C1 Sheet. indd Created Date: AMAT CHAMBER P5000 CVD Chamber, Lid, End Point, Wafer& Susp Lift Assy. Standard YouTube License; Show more Show less. AMAT P5000. MPG Duration: 2: 34. Novellus Speed HDP CVD Dome Cleaning Duration: 6: 24. Please contact us for the Nevellus Spare Parts availability of the following parts. Please include the PN, Description, Quantity and photos if possible. Find great deals on eBay for novellus speed.

Shop with confidence. Novellus Concept One and Concept Two Rev BC PM. docx 1 Vacuum Chamber: NOVELLUS CONCEPT ONE& TWO SEQUEL& SEQUEL EXPRESS& VECTOR Vacuum Chamber Process Residue: VARIOUS HARD OXIDE, NITRIDE, be used to speed up the cleaning of the ceramic fork groove. If the fork Tool ID CH11 OEMModel NOVELLUS Concept 2 Speed Shrink Serial Number C Process CVD HDP Chamber Type Shrink Esc Type Manometer I(IOT) MKS7 7508 Manometer 2(IOT) r, 1KS 7508 Manometer 3(IOOm) r, 1KS Louvered Screen Chamber Gas Box MFC Number MFCI MFC2 MFC3 MFC4 Novellus C2 Dual Speed System Chamber 2 shrink foot print Speed.

o. STI IMD Process (Nanofill 1) o. MC ESC. o. Pfeiffer TPH2101 PC. o. Left turbo missing. o. Millipore throttle valve. o. Millipore manometers This Document For Reference Only Novellus Speed 3 Dome Scrub AppNote PM. docx 1 VACUUM CHAMBER PM TECHNIQUE NOVELLUS HDP SPEED 3 DOME SCRUB OBJECTIVE: memsstar delivers the broadest capability set for the likenew used Novellus process equipment. SPEED Gap Fill. memsstar supports Concept One and Concept Two: Equipment support, process development, expert consulting; Chamber additions, moves, wafer size changes; Process retargeting and applications design; Status: Crated Manufacturer: Novellus Model: Concept 2 Dual Altus WCVD System Process: CVD Wafer Size: 200mm Vintage: 2000