Cutaway feature in imovie 11 manual

Sep 04, 2012 One of the great features of iMovie is the cutaway. You are able to quickly and easily add a cutaway shot to any of your footage. This is a huge help when it comes to editing those longer sequences. 11. A cutaway is when you interrupt the main vision with a view of something else. How to add a cutaway: Adding a cutaway (cont. ) BASIC VIDEO EDITING: iMOVIE WHAT'S YOUR STORY? 8 14. You may need to adjust the volume on some of your cutaway clips.

You can do this through the Clip Hello: I'm using iMovie 11 with the latest updates. I've used the Cutaway feature to drag in images over moviesaudio, but now I've ran into a problem. It started when I imported a PNG file of a slide I've created in Keynote. Manual Processes and Hidden Features. What I will say is that iMovie is already extremely effective for newbie to intermediate editors cutting simple videos together.

If youre shooting with an iPhone or DSLR camera, its still an excellent tool when you need to sync audio and video. When inserting video into iMovie 11 (dragging it in, using Cutaway feature) it crashes every time. I have 4 Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist Doubleclick a cutaway clip, or select it and press the I key, to bring up the Clip inspector. Change the Cutaway Fade setting to Manual, and optionally change the duration of the fade ( Figure 4.

23 ). Add the cutaway clip. 90 Edit the cutaway clip settings. 92 Create a Picture in Picture or I call it The iMovie 11 Project Book because I present the information in and working with features such as iMovies movie trailers. Organize Your Video Library. Video projects start with lots of clips, Aug 08, 2011 This tutorial demonstrates how to include a cutaway in a video project in Apple's iMovie software.

Skip navigation iMovie 11: Creating a Cutaway CATS EIU. This feature is not available A cutaway effect is a clip you place above another clip.

You can add a cutaway clip above another clip to show two different perspectives of a single event. For example, you could show someone about to enter a surprise party, and then cut away to a view of the people waiting inside. Add a cutaway clip A cutaway clip is a video clip you paste over another, usually related, clip in order to show two different elements of a single event. To make the cutaway fade in and out, click Manual (appears to the right of Cutaway Fade). Drag the slider to adjust how long the fade lasts.

Mark video that features people. Analyze 1 iMovie 11 IML User Guide Overview of Features iMovie 11 has added some important tools that make it a worthwhile consideration for your editing needs. iMovie Like a Pro Advanced Editing for iMovie '11 (The Down& Dirty Series): A concise practical guide to advanced video editing with Apples iMovie 11