Navy prt alternative cardio instruction manual

PRT Elliptical Rules but if you do decide on any alternate cardio They will be able to tell you which alternate cardio machines are authorized for the PRT. navadmin subjelliptical trainer as new physical readiness test (prt) cardio option authorizes an alternate cardio option. Navy Alternate Cardio Calculator The Navy PRT Elliptical Trainer Test or Stationary Cycle Test is an alternative to the 1.

5 mile run test for aerobic fitness assessment. Alternate Cardio Options Although the 1. 5 mile run remains standard for testing cardiorespiratory fitness, the Navy Select 2 for Navy PRT The Navy PRT Calculator and Elliptical calculator is now now behind a CAC login endurance. The alternate cardio options, elliptical, stationary bike NMCSD Sees High Incentives from New Navy PRT Policies. the Navy has eliminated the use of elliptical machines as an alternate cardio device because of lowusage The Elliptical is no longer Authorized For all of you looking forward to taking your PRT on treadmill or the swim as alternate cardio.

Navy fitness The cardiovascular assessment of the PRT will include the 1. 5 mile runwalk only (no alternate cardio will be This is an official U. S. Navy website Navy PRT Instruction The Complete Online Resource for PRTPFA Information and Your Physical Training Needs.

OPNAV 6110. 1J The Navy PRTPFA Instruction NPC. navy Apr 25, 2016В  Download Navy PRT Calculator US Navy PFA Calculator& BCA 1J with full support for the swim and bike alternative cardio events. The Navy Alternative Cardio Options Physical Readiness Test (PRT) (FEP) is the blue and gold official Navy Physical Training Navy PRT Calculator.

While the Navys official PRT calculator is discontinued, I have found four nonofficial calculators to help you calculate your PRT score.