Put those scraps to work

While anyone can chop a bunch of vegetables and throw the scraps in the trash, with a little extra effort and some ingenuity you can put those scraps to work for you instead of simply filling the local landfill.
1. The easiest option is to simply collect scraps and add them to your backyard compost pile to help make a nutrient rich soil for your favorite garden.
2. Freeze left-over scraps and once you have a nice collection, boil the scraps in a large pot to make vegetable broth. Freeze the broth in small containers to have it readily available next time you need it. And of course after the broth is made, you can throw the leftover scraps on your compost pile. Read more.
3. Grow new plants from your scraps. A variety of vegetables will regrow by placing their roots in a small bowl or cup of water. Read more.
What other creative uses have you found for your vegetable scraps?


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