Avoid using plasticware

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For your parties and gatherings this year, avoid using disposable (plastic) dinnerware and consider renting instead.

You likely don’t have 20 or 30 matching glasses. But to keep your parties classy, consider renting glassware and dinnerware from a local party rental company. Most companies don’t have minimum orders and will often offer delivery, pickup and even wash the glasses and silverware for you.

If renting doesn’t seem logical, ask your guests to bring their favorite dinnerware along with their prepared food dishes. Use it as an opportunity to let everyone show off their favorite items and tell the stories behind them. This works especially well for fancy gatherings like tea-parties, where guests can bring their favorite china.

If using disposable plastics are unavoidable, consider purchasing disposables that are earth-friendly and made of compostable and all natural products.


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