Helping others in simple ways – coloring for a cause

After the massive earthquake in Haiti last week, our friend Kevin Hendricks was trying to find ways to help support the ongoing relief efforts.

With his daughter coloring at his side, Kevin decided to put her artwork to work in helping raise support.

Kids color to support relief efforts in Haiti. Make a donation, get a picture. All the proceeds go to my church’s Haiti relief efforts. My church has a partnership with organizations in Haiti going back more than 20 years, so it seemed like a no-brainer to support that relationship.

It’s a crazy idea. But I love it. I love watching my daughter color. I love it when she tells me what she’s drawn. And I love that we can help in such a simple way.

It’s not always easy. I told Lexi about what happened in Haiti and she was concerned for the people who were hurt and was scared that the buildings would keep falling down (once we got past the idea that Haiti was a person). She dove into the coloring but then later got frustrated. She keeps telling me she doesn’t know what to draw or how to draw it, and I keep trying to tell her just to draw—you can’t do it wrong.

Teaching children to simply love at such a young age — priceless!

Along with making a donation and getting artwork, you and your children can donate artwork as well. Simply create a drawing on 8.5″x11″ paper and mail it to Kevin. He’ll add the artwork to the collection to send out as more donations come in.

Find out more at: or on Twitter: @color4acause

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